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"Knowledge from the region, action for the region"

Our History

The WANA Institute was founded in 2009 as the West Asia–North Africa Forum. Concerned by the strength, pace and inclusiveness of development in the WANA region, His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal initiated a platform where unlikely partnerships could form.

Between 2009 and 2014, with the generous support of its founding partner, the Nippon Foundation, the WANA Forum ran annual conferences aimed at developing mechanisms to promote good governance, raise living standards and protect the environment. The purpose was to tackle global issues that could not be solved by one country alone.

The WANA Forum’s first five years amassed critical lessons regarding the potential for regional thinking, cooperation and problem solving. It became clear, however, that transitioning such thinking into tangible action and results required an augmented strategy.

In 2014, the organisation was re-launched as the WANA Institute. Rather than a series of events, the WANA Institute is a process providing knowledge, tools and opportunities for partnership and policy development throughout the year.

Still intent to deliver on its promise of enhanced regional collaboration, the WANA Institute now focuses on producing high-quality, innovative research combined with training programmes and conferences that benefit civil society and other key stakeholders.

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