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"Knowledge from the region, action for the region"

How We Work

The WANA Institute achieves its goals by undertaking four key activities:

1. Building a regional knowledge base
The WANA Institute produces progressive, inter-disciplinary research on social and development priorities and disseminates this across civil society, government and policy groups. We believe that policy must be driven by evidence rather than politics to reduce the depth of challenge facing the region.

2. Providing a multi-stakeholder platform for debate
Through regular conferences and events, the WANA Institute brings together diverse stakeholders to engage in non-politicised and evidence-based discussions around critical development challenges.

3. Developing regional knowledge networks and communities of practice
The WANA Institute provides a permanent platform for idea sharing, dialogue and networking. Our website and other training resources act as portal for learning and development to assist development stakeholders do what they do better.

4. Generating greater capacity for evidence uptake
Providing knowledge and facilitating debate is insufficient to generate impact. The WANA Institute works with change-makers to modify how policy is designed and create the conditions required to transform evidence into action.

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