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Trapped Between Destructive Choices: Radicalisation Drivers Affecting Youth In Jordan

Focus Area
Human Security
Dr Neven Bondokji, Kim Wilkinson, Leen Aghabi
21 Feb 2017

Research on radicalisation drivers points to complex dynamics that include economic, social, psychological, and ideological push and pull factors. This report analyses radicalisation drivers that affect Jordanian and Syrian refugee youth in four radicalisation hotbeds: Ma’an, Salt, Irbid, and Rusayfeh. The data is based on findings from Focused Group Discussions with 52 youth (33 males and 19 females), including 16 Syrian refugees.

This report explores how youth in Jordan understand radicalisation, and the emerging indicators of radicalisation. It details the economic, psychological, political, and social ‘push’ factors affecting the radicalisation of youth, and demonstrates the interconnected nature of contextual and personal drivers, such as between economic and psychological factors. The report then highlights noticeable gender variations in the findings on radicalisation drivers. The important ‘pull’ factors affecting youth are examined. The report concludes with a set of policy recommendations, as offered by youth.

This report sits within the body of research that has identified push and pull factors contributing to the radicalisation of youth in different contexts. Prior work recognises the complexity of radicalisation drivers, and this report sheds light on this complexity in the Jordan context.

This publication is generously supported with funds on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.

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