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Sustainable Development Projects

01 Sep 2021

Understanding the Linkages between Climate, Human Security, and Gender in Lebanon and Jordan

Increase and consolidate evidence on peacebuilding approaches to local development challenges including but not limited to natural resource management and their gender-disproportionate impacts on human security and social stability in Lebanon and Jordan. The projects aims to a) understand and highli...
01 Apr 2021

Rethinking Humanitarian Aid for Refugees as Investment in Urban Water and Sanitation

This project is an international interdisciplinary initiative between engineers and social scientists in Jordan and the UK, designed to bring new knowledge and direction to global policy and practice on the settlement of and assistance to refugees. It addresses the critical issue of forced migration...
01 May 2020

CASCADES: Cascading Climate Risks Towards Adaptive and Resilient European Societies

CASCASDES is a project that builds on the system of exploring climate risks with cross-sectoral impact characteristics without consideration to geographical or political boundaries. Through understanding the impacts of climate change on different social and economic sectors, trade, investment, susta...
01 Feb 2020

Training for Change: Empowering Civil Society to Advocate Policies

In order for civil society organisations to use their platform to help solve environmental issues, it requires greater efforts in capacitating them with relevant technical and social tools, knowledge, and skills. This two-year, EU funded project aims to build the capacity of 7 chosen Community Based...
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