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Sustainable Development Projects

20 Apr 2020

Policy Analysis: Water, Migration and Conflict in the Middle East and North Africa

The aim of this undertaking is to develop a paper on water, migration and conflict in the MENA region.  The MENA is a hotspot of intraregional and international migration historically and, more recently, unprecedented levels of conflict-induced displacement. The paper aims to build an evidence-base ...
01 Feb 2020

Training for Change: Empowering Civil Society to Advocate Policies

In order for civil society organisations to use their platform to help solve environmental issues, it requires greater efforts in capacitating them with relevant technical and social tools, knowledge, and skills. This two-year, EU funded project aims to build the capacity of 7 chosen Community Based...
01 Mar 2019

Renewable Energy for Refugees (RE4R)

The project aims to answer questions for a baseline evaluation on the social acceptance of the idea of transformative solar projects for governmental hospitals, in light of what other priorities are set by the hospital. This is accomplished through measuring the impact of better and efficient energy...
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