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Sustainable Development Projects

01 Oct 2019

Contribute to Encouraging Knowledge and Technology Transfer and Adoption between Jordan and Taiwan

Taiwan is one of the leading countries when it comes to environmental protection and sustainability.* Taiwan’s dedication to environmental protection is a result of their commitment to maintain a healthy and sustainable environment while becoming one of Asia’s richest economies. The objective of th...
01 Aug 2019

How to transform an idea within the context of climate change into a full-fledged grant proposal?

This project seeks to build on a project implemented by the WANA Institute “Enabling Communities for Climate Change Adaptation Planning: Understanding Gender Roles” with the purpose of continuing the process of mitigating climate change threats. Community-based organisations and youth ambassadors fr...
01 Mar 2019

Renewable Energy for Refugees (RE4R)

The project aims to answer questions for a baseline evaluation on the social acceptance of the idea of transformative solar projects for governmental hospitals, in light of what other priorities are set by the hospital. This will be accomplished through measuring the impact of better and efficient e...
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