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Sustainable Development Projects

15 Aug 2018

Transition towards Renewable Energy

The WANA Institute will analyse the energy transition in the WANA region, focusing on Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. The ensuing baseline report on the region’s energy transition will be based on a comprehensive literature review and primary source data collected t...
01 Jan 2017

Sustainable Development Goals: Jordan and Beyond

The project will provide a framework within which key policy makers can better understand the process of reaching the SDGs, situate them within broader environmental projects already in place and develop roadmaps for conceptualising how they are to be achieved.
01 Jan 2016

Delivering Food and Water Security in a Middle East in Flux

New knowledge on how to achieve sustainable agricultural and water sectors balances food and water security and promotes regional development.
01 Jan 2016

Crafting Vulnerability Response Strategies for Climate Change in Jordan

Research results inform climate change adaptation strategies that are better targeted towards the most vulnerable groups, thereby focusing resources and efforts to help increase local community climate change resilience. 
01 Jan 2016

Greening WANA

This project aims to roll out community-based natural resource management techniques that promote conflict resilience, equitable resource sharing and environmental good governance. The expected results include the production of an objective evidence base that drives impactful programme strategy and ...
01 Jul 2015

Comparative Mapping of Traditional Rangeland Management Practices in the WANA Region

Mainstreaming policy and good practice measures contributes to the ecological sustainability of WANA rangelands.
01 Jan 2015

Islam and Natural Resources Management

An Islamic natural resource management framework empowers religious leaders and community change-makers to promote environmental resilience, equitable resource sharing and environmental good governance.
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