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"Knowledge from the region, action for the region"

Through its regular conferences and events, the WANA Institute provides a platform for evidence-based discussion on topics related to constructive and sustainable regional solutions.


The WANA Institute is a non-politicised and candid space for unlikely partners to come together to discuss development problems, unbarred by political affiliation or organisational mandates. Within this space, all stakeholders are given equal audience regardless of their institutional affiliation, rank, country, religion, gender or age. Participants are carefully selected based on an evaluation of their roles as change-makers, commitment to strengthened regional cooperation, and capacity to affect tangible outcomes.

18 Apr 2017

حفل إصدار الكتاب السنوي لمعهد WANA

يسر معهد WANA إطلاق أول كتاب سنوي في 18 نيسان/ أبريل. وسيجمع الكتاب عددا من أوراق المعهد التي صدرت في الفترة من 2015-2016، بدعم سخي من مؤسسة فريدريش إيبرت (Friedrich Ebert Stiftung).
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