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European Security Seminar – South: Demographic Change and the Youth in the MENA Region

Human Security researcher Barik Mhadeen will participate in the European Security Seminar – South on Demographic Change and the Youth in the MENA Region from 19 – 23 March in Germany. The seminar will examine the implications of demographic change in the WANA region, where 60 per cent of the population is under the age of 30, and investigate the impacts on human, national and regional security. Barik will be giving a lecture on Demography, Security and Insecurity: Understanding the Youth’s Individual Solutions — Migration and Radicalisation.

Topics for discussion at the seminar will include:

  • What are the implicated security dimensions of this situation? What are the national and regional security dimensions?
  • What have governments, partners, NGOs or multilateral organisations done to reduce inherent risks? How successful are these measures?
  • What additional or alternative programmes are needed?
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