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From Global to Local: Debating Security Plus in the Jordanian Context

The WANA Institute organised a half-day workshop on 26 April, bringing together 15 national experts and policy-makers to discuss the outcomes of Friends of Europe’s fifth global online security brainstorm ‘Debating Security Plus (DS+).’ The participants refined two key recommendations to suit the Jordanian context. Highlights from the discussion and a list of recommendations from the can be found in the report.  

Session 1: Going Local on P/CVE: Challenges and Opportunities

  1. What are the challenges to implementing community-focused P/CVE efforts?
  2. How can we support small-scale P/CVE community driven projects?
  3. What are the challenges to successful social cohesion in local communities?
  4. How has negative social cohesion in local communities impacted on drivers of radicalisation?
  5. How does the recent emphasis on livelihoods approaches within refugee response programmes impact social cohesion and risk factors related to radicalisation?

Session 2: P/CVE Narratives: Design and Efficacy

  1. What makes an effective alternative narrative?
  2. How can existing small-scale initiatives to restrict hate speech online become a national campaign?
  3. How can we best engage the private sector, including Internet and content providers, in promoting alternative narratives?
  4. What role can government and especially local municipalities play?
  5. What role can employers and the private sector in general play in promoting social cohesion and de-escalating conflicts between nationalities?

DS+ was held from 26 to 28 September 2017 and was joined by government officials, leading figures from the EU, UN, NATO and OSCE, the military, academia, the media and industry representatives. The discussion had 1,700 registered participants from 122 countries, tackled security issues through over 50 sessions and 48 hours of debating. As it concluded, the discussion generated ten top recommendations addressing practical policy goals on a number of security issues.

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