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Integrating Islamic and community-driven natural resource management systems for environmental sustainability and conflict resilience

The environmental crisis in the WANA region is both evidenced and broadly admitted. Competition for water is now a flashpoint for unrest; water and soil pollution, coupled with climate change and land degradation, means that food security is a growing concern; and pollution and unsafe waste disposal have consequences for health, urban poverty and reduced productivity.

There is an urgent need to balance environmental programming goals with quality and equality of access. HIMA, community-based natural resource management techniques enshrined in Islamic traditions, is a framework for better understanding and responding to such challenges. While research has been undertaken in this area, little progress has been made in developing models and practical frameworks for the realisation of the HIMA concept.

About Conference

This two-day regional conference for policy-makers, civil society practitioners and resource management specialists will examine the possibilities of HIMA models for resource sharing, civil society monitoring and the relationship between resource practices and conflict. The conference will seek to develop a model for water and common pool resource sharing based on HIMA principles that is endorsed and supported by key stakeholders.

Full details for this conference will be released soon.

Expression of interest

Registration for this event is currently closed. To be notified when registrations open, leave your details below and the WANA Institute will contact you directly.

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