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KAS Dialogue Programme on ‘Political and Civil Society Activism Among Jordanian and German Youth’

Human Security researcher Barik Mhadeen has been invited to take part in the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s seven-day dialogue programme on ‘Political and Civil Society Activism Among Jordanian and German Youth’ in Berlin, Germany. Together with nine other selected socially and politically active youth from Jordan and Germany, he will broaden his knowledge on the political structure and the role of civil society in Germany.

The dialogue programme serves as a platform to share different experiences, discuss challenges and identify potential fields of cooperation for political and civil society engagement. Participants will visit important institutions of the German political system, such as the Bundestag, as well as think tanks and civil society organisations. They will start an interdisciplinary dialogue with German Members of Parliament, young members of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), experts, researchers and civil society activists. Participants from Jordan will thereby also have the opportunity to offer insights into political and social developments in the Middle East.

New ideas for youth engagement will be discussed, and will inspire future initiatives. The programme will also explore similar motives for the political and social engagement of young people, and recognise cultural differences and similarities between German and Jordanian youth.

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