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The Uprooted

In the past century, the WANA region has struggled to cope with the repercussions of civil wars, border conflicts, partitions, and invasions, all of which have left millions in the region uprooted in the form of refugees and internally displaced persons. The World Disasters Report of 2012 lists human rights violations, armed conflict, political instability, and indiscriminate violence as some of the key drivers of becoming uprooted. Climate change, likewise, has left the region vulnerable to desertification, floods, soil erosion, spiraling food prices, and other environmental challenges leading to more people being forced to migrate.

In response to this escalating problem, the 5th WANA Forum explored ways to address the issue of the uprooted through the WANA Forum’s four pillars of post-conflict reconstruction and recovery, social cohesion, the environment, and green economy. It considered home-grown solutions to be a priority.

The sessions tackled the economic, legal and social measures necessary to develop a solution to the region’s refugee crisis. Participants included delegates from the Nippon Foundation, the United Nations, and the University of York.

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