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The Arab Environmental Governance Charter

Focus Area
Sustainable Development
Lara Nassar
28 Mar 2017

The aim of this charter is to offer a set of pragmatic reform guidelines which can be used to respond to the new environmental challenges facing us today. It is hoped that an opportunity can be created to overcome deep-seated divisions between nations which will create a ripple effect for better action aimed at promoting good environmental governance in the region.

Consultation on the Arab Environmental Governance Charter

The WANA Institute would like to call on all actors working in the field of environmental governance to provide feedback on the content of the Charter and its relevance to their work. This Charter is the product of regional encounters and meetings conducted through the Greening WANA project that was launched in 2015. Please send us your feedback to lara.nassar@wana.org by the end of April 2017. Your contribution is highly appreciated.

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