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Towards Dignified Inclusive Opportunities: EnhancingSelf-Reliance and Access to the Formal Labour Marketfor Refugees and Host Communities

Focus Area
Human Security
Dr Yara Shaban, Marah Jamous
19 Dec 2023

This advocacy paper aims to raise awareness of refugees' accessibility to the formal labour market in Jordan among governments and international stakeholders at the Global Refugee Forum. The paper provides recommendations for reinforced coordination between different stakeholders to promote economic inclusion, paving the way for employment opportunities for refugees and asylum seekers of all nationalities, consequently alleviating their financial status and strengthening the country's national economy.

This paper was developed by the West Asia-North Africa Institute with the Jordan Civil Society Network for Displacement. 

Please use the following citation text in your references:

Yara Shaban, Marah Jamous, Towards Dignified Inclusive Opportunities: Enhancing Self-Reliance and Access to the Formal Labour Market for Refugees and Host Communities, (Amman, Jordan: West Asia-North Africa Institute, 2023).

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