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Understanding Radicalisation: A Literature Review of Models and Drivers

Focus Area
Human Security
Dr Neven Bondokji, Leen Aghabi, Kim Wilkinson
08 Sep 2016

Interest  in  the  drivers  of,  and  models  to  explain,  the  processes  of  radicalisation  has increased  exponentially  since  the  terrorist  attacks  of  11  September  2001. Attention  has focused  on  the West Asia-North Africa  (WANA)  region due  to  the expansion and  reach  of armed radical groups, manifesting in acts of violence both domestically and aboard. Within the  radicalisation  debate,  scholars  and  practitioners  have  wrestled  to  understand  the ideologies  that  inspire, the  members  of  self-described  ‘Islamic’  armed  groups  and  other causal drivers, be  they  social,  economic, or reactionary.

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