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Unity & Inclusion: Refugees and the Jordanian Host Community

Focus Area
Human Security
Kareem Al-Sharabi
18 Feb 2020

On behalf of the MENA Civil Society Network for Displacement, WANA researched and wrote “Unity & Inclusion: Refugees and the Jordanian Host Community”. The report assesses to what extent refugees in Jordan are living in a state of ‘unity and inclusion’. Unity primarily concerns refugees’ ability to physically reunite with family members and – when physically united – the extent to which they experience psychosocial cohesion. Inclusion concerns the extent to which refugees have been included in the Jordanian society. The report looked beyond common material indicators into critical but often overlooked aspects of refugee life in Jordan. The report draws on Jordan’s experience as a host country since the early 2000s, specifically in its reception of Iraqi, Sudanese, Somali, Syrian, and Yemeni refugees. Its findings are based on ten focus group discussions – two from each of these five communities – in July and August of 2019 with 117 people from these refugee groups – 60 women and 57 men.

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