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Building Capacities for Partnership in Democratic Governance workshop

Civil Society researcher Esraa Alshyab is participating in a training of trainers workshop on ‘Building Capacities for Partnership in Democratic Governance’ from 11 to 13 December in Lebanon, Beirut. The workshop is part of a series carried out by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) and is part of the project on ‘Enhancing Institutional Development to Provide Better Services to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals in the Region of Western Asia.’

The project aims to strengthen Arab countries’ skills, knowledge, and mechanisms for effective and sustainable cooperation between government and civil society organisations on public policy, good governance, and administrative and developmental reforms. The programme examines challenges to the democratic transition, as well as the foundations of social cohesion that prevent conflicts from escalating. Esraa will give a presentation about the role of civil society in developmental reforms. Other countries participating in the training include Tunisia, Iraq, and Lebanon.

The workshop will be attended by public sector leaders, civil society representatives, politicians, private sector representatives, academics, activists, journalists, and representatives of trade unions and professional associations.

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