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Debating Security Plus 2018: Conflict, Competition and Cooperation in an Interconnected World

The WANA Institute is delighted to collaborate with Friends of Europe as a coalition partner for the 2018 edition of Debating Security Plus (DS+), a unique global online brainstorm that aims to yield concrete recommendations in the area of security and defence. Gathering several thousand participants from around the world, it is the only platform that permits a truly global whole-of-society consultation providing innovative recommendations for some of the world’s most pressing security challenges.  

For the sixth time, the 2018 brainstorm will bring together senior international participants from the military, national governments, international organisations and agencies, along with voices from NGOs and civil society, business and industry, the media, think tanks and academia. Their involvement in the security policy brainstorm will help bridge the gaps between experts and citizens, and their recommendations will aim to inform the implementation of the EU Global Strategy, as well as the policies of national governments and other international institutions as they shape their approaches to peace, security and defence. 

From 19 June (09:00 CEST) to 20 June (20:00 CEST), the international security community will debate ideas relating to six different themes:

1. Countering hybrid threats in the cyber age
2. Europe as a global security actor
3. Regional approaches to global migration
4. Fraying arms control regimes
5. Realigning the crime-terror nexus
6. Russia, Europe and the US - scenarios of the future in a turbulent time

The discussions will be moderated by leading international think tanks and organisations that will steer discussions towards concrete recommendations. To be part of the online global brainstorm, you can now register here.

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