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"Knowledge from the region, for the region"

Region in Transition

In 2011, the WANA region entered a period of fundamental change. While few could have predicted the nature and extent of the transformation, the underlying driving forces behind the various protests that erupted in 2011 were present for some time. The long term implications and consequences, however, remain unclear.

The 3rd WANA Forum provided a space for academics, intellectuals, civil society leaders, and political representatives to examine the transition movements that took place across the WANA region during the Arab Spring.

Among the topics discussed were the possible economic, social and political causes of the transition movements, immediate implications and strategies for ensuring peaceful and successful post-transition recovery. The diversity of the participants enriched the flow of discussion by presenting the different views of many affected countries including Lebanon and Turkey, as well as countries from further afield with similar experiences to share, such as Indonesia.

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