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Dr Majd Al Naber

Director General & Team Leader and Senior Researcher, Sustainable Development
Dr Majd Al Naber

Dr Al Naber is the director general for the WANA Institute. She is a specialist in sustainability and integrated natural resources management and policies in the Arid region. She manages several projects addressing the environmental security in the WANA region. She takes a multidisciplinary approach that encompasses the fields of climate change, food and water securities, environmental displacement and migration, social inclusions, vulnerability and gender. She has an extended experience in the sustainability of agriculture system under scarce conditions of drought, salinity and water scarcity. She received her Joint Doctorate degree from Wageningen University and Research Centre and Universite Paul-Vallery Montpellier 3, and MSc from CIHEAM-Bari.

Area of Expertise:
•              Water resources management and governance
•              Climate Change adaptation and mitigation
•              Water diplomacy
•              Sustainable agriculture

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