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"Knowledge from the region, for the region"


The WANA Institute is staffed by a dedicated team of researchers, programme coordinators and support staff based in the offices of the Royal Scientific Society.

The WANA Institute is committed to hiring promising young people from within the region in order to develop the next generation of socially conscious thought leaders.

Each team member has their own field of expertise – from law and conflict studies through to economics and environmental science – and brings with them experience in different sectors and countries.

Member of the Board of Directors

Dr Omar Rifai

Member of the Board of Directors


Shereen Shaheen

Shereen joins the WANA Institute as the Director with over 20 years of experience in developing NGO and public sector programmes in Palestine and Jordan. Previously, she managed multi-donor projects, conducted research, worked on community development programmes, provided training and counselling for youth as well as adults, and facilitated the protection of vulnerable individuals. 

Team Leader and Senior Researcher, Sustainable Development

Dr Majd Al-Naber

Dr Majd joins the WANA Institute as the Team Leader and Senior Researcher in the Sustainable Development Pillar. She is a specialist in integrated water resources management and water policy for arid land. She worked on several EU-funded projects as a water expert, as well as for USAID as a consultant, and for several national and international organisations.

Senior Researcher

Dr. Yara Shaban

Dr. Yara is senior researcher in education in the human security pillar. She has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from University of Jordan and PhD from Tufts University in STEM Education. She worked on developing the curricula for Biological and Nuclear Awareness training, her research interests include knowledge building in learning environments and the role of language and culture in constructing knowledge.

Researcher, Sustainable Development

Reem Alhaddadin

Reem is a researcher in the Sustainable Development Pillar. Her research covers topics of hydro diplomacy, green economy, climate change adaptation and mitigation, renewable energy and water, migration and conflict.  Reem holds a Bachelors in water and environmental engineering from the German Jordanian University and a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in water governance: frameworks and negotiations from the University of Geneva, Switzerland. She previously interned with Engineers Without Borders in Regensburg, Germany, as a water engineer.

Researcher, Human Security

Esraa Al-Shyab

Esraa joins the WANA Institute as a researcher and project coordinator in the Human Security Pillar with a focus on field implementation of action plans and programmatic responses based on local needs. Her interests are gender-based equality, women democratic empowerment, human trafficking, women rights and promoting the concept of human security as a violence pre-emptive effort.

Researcher, Social Justice

Hayat Al-Shoubaki

Hayat  holds a master degree in sociology with honors from the University of Jordan. One of the recipients of the Sasakawa / Nippon Foundation Japan Scholarship for Young Leaders in Social Research. She has published research papers focused on the topics of social protection, women empowerment and gender issues.

Researcher, Human Security

Rawaa Moumar

Rawaa joins the WANA Institute as a researcher and project coordinator in the Human Security Pillar after a year of being placed at WANA through the Lazord Fellowship Program as a research intern. She holds a BA in Cultural Studies from the Hashemite University. Her field of interest is related to prevention of violent extremism, countering hate speech, and promoting intercultural dialogue.

Researcher, Economic Growth

Marah Jamous

Marah Jamous joins WANA as researcher in the Human Security pillar (Economic Growth team) after completing six-month internship with WANA. Her research interests lie in studying refugees and forced migrants and their inclusion in different aspects of society; particularly economically. Moreover, she is interested in researching voluntary and labour migrants in Jordan. Marah holds a bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University of Jordan.

Researcher, Sustainable Development

Samer Fakhoury

Samer is a researcher in the Sustainable Development Pillar, he holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from the University of Jordan and is passionate about integrating his engineering knowledge in various sustainability topics such as climate change, green circular economy, and food security.


Hussain al Attar

Hussain joins the WANA Institute as an accountant, bringing five years of professional experience in finance and accounting with national financial institutions.
Before Joining WANA, Hussain worked as Assistant Department Head in Jordan Islamic Bank

Logistics Assistant and Driver

Fawaz Mohsen

Fawaz serves the WANA Institute as the Logistics Assistant and Driver.

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