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Strengthening Think Tanks, Youth Initiatives and Civil Society Organisations

Over the next 7 months, 60 Jordanian Community-Based Organisations (CBOs), 5 policy NGOs and 5 think tanks will take part in the WANA Institute’s Civil Society project, funded by the European Union (EU).

60 selected CBOs, including 14 youth initiatives, will take part in a series of 7 workshops. The first training will focus on community development and the human rights-based approach, and will take place in Aqaba on 9 and 10 December for CBOs from the southern governorates and on 16 and 17 December in Amman for CBOs from the northern and central governorates. After each training, the CBOs will return to the field to implement the knowledge they gained, and will return the next month for follow-up. 

As part of the same project, 20 representatives from think tanks and policy NGOs will participate in a series of 5 roundtable discussions. The first one will be held on 13 December and will discuss Jordan’s development priorities.

The project “Strengthening of Think Tanks, Youth Initiatives and Civil Society Organisations” aims at building the capacity of non-governmental stakeholders to deliver results-based development assistance by equipping them with skills, tools and evidence, combined with an overall levelling of the playing field. This will result in a greater impact of assistance delivery, restored power balances with donors, and improved governance through a legitimate system of checks and balances.

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