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Human Security Projects

01 Jun 2022

Capitalisation Exercise with Sector-Based Experts in Juvenile Justice, Iraq

Terre des hommes Lausanne (Tdh), one of the leading agencies in Access 2 Justice programming in Iraq, commissioned West Asia-North Africa Institute (WANA) to conduct a capitalisation exercise with sector-based experts in juvenile justice. The exercise distilled the promising practices and lessons le...
01 Feb 2022

Public Policies for Innovation in Jordan: Realities and Ambitions

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Jordan Office and West Asia-North Africa Institute (WANA) are launching a joint project entitled: "Public Policies for Innovation in Jordan: Realities and Ambitions" The project seeks to engage eight Jordanians from diverse professional and expertise backgrounds to pro...
01 Mar 2021

Jordan-EU Dialogue on Human Security: Refugees and Forced Migrants in Focus

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Jordan Office and West Asia-North Africa Institute (WANA) have launched “Jordan-EU Dialogue on Human Security: Refugees and Forced Migrants in Focus”. It follows the success of the project, “Jordan-EU Dialogue on Human Security Issues”, completed by the partners in Dec...
03 Sep 2020

Jordan Needs Assessment Assistance Report

The WANA Institute researchers completed and analysed 600 questionnaires from the governorates of Irbid, Karak, and the capital, Amman, reflecting the respective demographic diversity of the north, south, and centre regions of the country and produced the Jordan Needs Assessment Assistance Report.
01 Jun 2020

Jordan-EU Dialogue on Human Security Issues

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Jordan Office and West Asia-North Africa Institute (WANA) launched a joint project entitled: “Jordan-EU Dialogue on Human Security Issues.” The project seeks to engage with 5-8 young Jordanian experts and professionals from diverse backgrounds to produce public policy ...
01 Mar 2020

QUA: Empowering Women to Prevent Violent Extremism in Jordan Under the 1325

As the year 2020 marks the 20th anniversary of the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security, and two years since the launch of the Jordanian National Action Plan (JONAP) to advance the implementation of the resolution in Jordan, the West Asia-North Africa Institute (WANA) in ...
15 Sep 2019

The Strong Cities Network in Lebanon and Jordan: building local P/CVE capacity in the Middle East through community prevention networks.

The overall goal of this two-year Strong Cities Network (SCN) programme is to ensure Strengthened P/CVE activities coordination and delivery in selected municipalities in Lebanon and Jordan.  The WANA Institute will build the capacity of municipalities and local PVE networks (PNs) in Jordan, build...
01 Sep 2018

Human Security in Action

The WANA Institute will produce ten short videos featuring a broad range of local human security actors. Various topics will include political participation, youth development, women empowerment, employment, education, urban planning, water security, and food security in Jordan. The videos will be d...
01 Jul 2017

A Practical Assessment of the Investment and Business Climates in Key Refugee Host States

To promote a better understanding of the business and regulatory environment in the principal refugee host states (Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq), with the broader goal of facilitating investment and developing policy recommendations for the relevant authorities.
01 Jun 2017

Impact Study of Migrant Labour Integration in Egypt

To produce an Egypt case study on migrant formal labour market integration scenarios with modelling evidence on the impact of integration on the host state economy.
01 May 2017

Workforce Development for Syrian Refugees in Jordan and Beyond

To study the size of the potential refugee labour market both in Jordan and in a return scenario, to compare the current capacity of the labour market to integrate refugees, and to make projections about how this would change with greater investment and targeted skills training.
01 Sep 2016

Effective Human Security Approaches

This project will work with various stakeholders to develop a Theory of Change for human security efforts that better responds to the emergent threat of violent extremism in Jordan, Lebanon, and Tunisia.
01 Sep 2016

Measuring the Impact of Refugee Economic Empowerment

To study the actual impact of refugee labour market integration and compare it with projections of the hypothetical impact of alternative policy paths.
01 Jul 2016

Labour Rights In Protracted Refugee Crises

To promote refugee self-sufficiency and mitigate dependence on host state and donor assistance through the development of predictive models for harnessing refugees’ economic potential.
01 Feb 2016

Countering Violent Extremism

To develop an empirical research base on the drivers of violent radicalisation in the WANA region and policy recommendations for more effective human security and counter-extremism programming.
01 Jan 2016

Beyond Government

The Polycentric Governance Model (PGM) will seek to address the challenges associated with current models of democracy aid and democratisation by developing an evidence-based, multi-dimensional governance model tailored to the WANA region.
01 Jan 2016

Zakat for Humanitarian Aid and Development

Viable pathways for mobilizing and operationalising zakat for the purposes of development and humanitarian assistance are elaborated and endorsed.
01 Jul 2015

Out of the Middle Income Trap

Evidence on the drivers and opportunity cost of educated outmigration, low female labour force participation and weak private sector growth, and how it influences the policy discourse at the government and multilateral levels.
01 Jul 2015

Contingency Planning for Post-Return Syria

To support the development of evidence- based planning processes and interventions geared towards facilitating sustainable and peaceful transition in post-conflict Syria
01 Jan 2015

A Model for Conflict Resilience

The Conflict Resilience Model (CRM) provides timely, evidence-based, and region-specific guidance on conflict drivers to enable policy-making and interventions that build resilience and reduce conflict vulnerability and sensitivity.  
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