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Social Justice Fact Sheets

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Women in the Tourism Sector in Al Karak

Tourism is one of the most important economic sectors in Jordan, contributing 13% to the GDP in 2019, with total revenues amounting to 4.1 billion Jordanian dinars. The tourism sector also contributes to the economic development of local communities by providing job opportunities for the sons and da...

Higher Education Opportunities Available to Syrian Refugees in Jordan

This fact sheet provides an overview of higher education opportunities available to refugees from Syria in Jordan, framed within the context of the Jordanian higher education system.

The Effect of International Funds on the Development Process in the WANA Region

How do foreign funds influence the development process in the West Asia - North Africa region, and how can we ensure a win-win situation?

Violence Against Women in the WANA Region: A Legal Perspective

Regrettably, violence against women is a very common phenomenon throughout the West Asia and North Africa (WANA) region. When using the phrase “violence against women”, the general picture that comes to mind is that of a woman being beaten, harassed, or raped. However, it is important to be aware th...

The Advent of Legal Empowerment Approaches

Particularly since the 1990s, international development assistance has focused on programming aimed at strengthening the rule of law in both developing and conflict-affected societies. The dominant approach has been activities geared towards strengthening the formal justice system, however in the la...
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