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5th Annual Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development

Human researcher Barik Mhadeen will be participating in the fifth annual Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development, cohosted by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) and the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The Forum will confront the politics of peace by assessing how different policies, processes and tools could be used to overcome political obstacles to build and sustain peace in complex environments. The Stockholm Forum convenes over 200 high-level researchers, policy-makers and practitioners from around the world with the aim of informing key policy and research agendas.

Barik will be speaking during the opening panel on 8 May to discuss the key outcomes of the Progress Study on Youth, Peace and Security. He will also provide remarks on partnerships and coordination during the breakout operationalisation session on 9 May. Barik will reflect on the youth network that was created in the Arab States and the YPS Coalition that is currently being formed.

Lastly, Barik will take part in a side event on 9 May discussing why democracy is difficult to realise in the Arab world. He will participate in the debate by assessing the democratic momentum in the Arab world after the Arab Spring, and explain why countries in the region are still struggling with real and effective political transformations.

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