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Social Justice Projects

31 Dec 2016

The Jordan Civil Society Initiative

The Jordan Civil Society Initiative aims at transforming Jordan’s civil society sector in an active and impactful development stakeholder by building the capacity of NGOs and CSOs for strategy development, programme design, proposal writing, empirical research design, communication, advocacy for res...
24 Nov 2016

Strengthening of Think Tanks, Youth Initiatives and Civil Society Organisations

This project aims at strengthening the capacity of non-governmental stakeholders to deliver results-based development assistance by equipping them with skills, tools and evidence, combined with an overall levelling of the playing field.
01 Jan 2015

Strengthening Women’s Legal Empowerment

Through a strengthened legal protection framework, violence against women decreases and women regularly receive their inheritance and property rights.
01 Jan 2015

Committing to Universal Legal Empowerment

This projects aims to empower civil society and other key actors with the knowledge, skills and tools to develop more effective legal empowerment programmes. The expected result is that civil society practitioners will use evidence-driven methods to amend, design and evaluate their legal empowerment...
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