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Social Justice Publications

18 Apr 2018

A Region in Motion: Reflections from West Asia-North Africa

The West Asia-North Africa region sits at a complex crossroads where the impacts of chronic conflict, cultural fragmentation, and geopolitical interests collide. It is easy to think of the region’s future in pessimistic terms, yet while conflict and disaster provide a myriad of challenges, they also...
Author : WANA Institute
18 Apr 2017

From Politics to Policy: Building Regional Resilience in West Asia and North Africa

From Politics to Policy: Building Resilience in West Asia and North Africa is an anthology of research conducted by the WANA Institute between 2015 and 2016 in the areas of human security, social justice, and sustainability. The chapters point to increased inter-sectorial collaboration being the key...
Author : WANA Institute
31 Oct 2016

Women and the Law in Jordan: Islam as a Path to Reform

This paper provides an analysis and critique of the legal provisions concerning violence against women, child custody, paternity, early marriage and inheritance in Jordan. It focuses on these specific areas because they were deemed both areas of challenge for women, and ones with wide potential for ...
Author : Annalisa Bezzi
18 Oct 2015

The 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda: Why goal 16 on justice is critical for the WANA region

On 27 September 2015, a high-level plenary meeting of the United Nations General Assembly adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) — the culmination of a 3-year process aimed at synthesising the environmental, social and economic dimensions of development.1 Goal 16 contains a strong emphasis ...
Author : Dr Erica Harper
22 Jun 2015

Tribal Dispute Resolution and Women’s Access to Justice in Jordan

Understanding justice systems that developed over millennia before the advent of the state and still operate today is critical to strengthening women’s access to justice. Recognition of the important role of such ‘non-state justice systems’ and their complex linkages with other justice systems has g...
Author : Naomi Johnstone
22 Jan 2015

The Status of Legal Empowerment in Jordan: Evidence to Support the Post-2015 Development Agenda

Legal empowerment in Jordan is complicated by a set of overarching operational constraints. These include a legal framework that lacks internal coherency and protection for the poor; the absence of a sound governing framework; and a weak rule of law culture. This report examines the complexity of an...
Author : WANA Institute
01 Sep 2014

Legal Empowerment - Islamic Perspective

The successful application of legal empowerment principles in any region requires an acknowledgement of prevailing cultural and religious worldviews in a particular community. In the West Asia-North Africa region, this means an understanding of how legal empowerment relates to the Islamic legal trad...
Author : Maria Benjamin
01 May 2011

WANA Social Charter

The West Asia-North Africa Social Charter is a declaration of intent to hold the region’s assests in trust for its beneficiaries. The creation of the social charter was an important step for the WANA Forum members in setting up an effective commons trust to protect the region’s common resources and ...
Author : WANA Institute
24 Oct 2009

Social Cohesion Consultation Report

Social cohesion goes beyond a safety net that protects and assists society’s most vulnerable. Rather, it is an integral part of socio-economic development that empowers everyone. It is about promoting a social cohesion mechanism in day-to-day life while also being reactive and strong enough to limit...
Author : WANA Institute
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