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31 Aug

Unified Arab Voices for COP22 Forum

It would be very difficult to dispute climate change and its profound effects on the world today. In the WANA region, the past decade has brought many challenges, politically, socioeconomically and otherwise, only further exasperated by climate change and its tremendous impact on local communities throughout the region.

As independent entities in the region, we may not contribute very much to the compounded CO2 emissions or climate change mitigation measures in comparison to the rest of the world. However, as a combined body comprised of over 10 countries, we may have a chance at changing and challenging some perspectives.

The Climate Action Network is a network of NGOs working on climate change from around the world. These members are autonomous and independent. In the Arab World, some CAN network members (Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Libya, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt and Sudan) met together in a workshop held in Tunisia this July, to set their recommendations for Arab Governments urging them to immediately ratify the Paris Agreement for Climate Change ahead of the Arab Summit and the COP22 in November.

WANA, now a member of the CAN Arab Network, has given me as a research fellow the chance to join other organisations in the region in discussing specific recommendations we would like to set for COP22 this November. One major concern was to encourage governments region wide to immediately ratify the Paris Agreement and develop a long term action plan to limit the rise in temperatures to a degree and a half, in addition to reducing greenhouse gases.

In the WANA region, we now have the opportunity to promote positive changes if investments into renewable energy increase. The proper integration of renewable energy in policies and the chances of sharing experience and networking can directly help enhance capabilities and facilitate the transfer of technologies in the region.  As aptly stated by the CAN Arab Network members during the press conference in Tunisia: "We should embrace the principles of sustainable green economy in implementing the Paris Agreement and help in phasing out fossil fuels." 


Press release by WANA research fellow Lara Nassar.


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