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03 Mar

WANA Institute and International Alert Link Climate, Gender and Human Security

Amman - Wednesday 2 March 2022.  The West Asia-North Africa (WANA) Institute and International Alert convened 30 national and regional experts and policy-makers at an interactive virtual workshop to deliberate the linkages between climate, human security, and gender in Jordan.  This workshop is part of a joint WANA and International Alert project supported by the Swedish Development Agency to generate evidence and enhance networking around issues related to climate, security and gender.

Dr. Majd Al Naber, Team Leader and Senior Researcher at WANA said “we have been busy the past couple of months investigating the connection between climate change, gender and human security. We were delighted today to share our key findings that tackle climate change effects on four sub sections; environmental security such as water and energy, food security, health security and social and economic equality.

Country Director at International Alert, Ruth Simpson added that “climate change, human security and gender are deeply interlinked. Whilst both women and men are affected, the impact of climate change varies depending on differential roles, responsibilities, decision-making power, access to natural resources, opportunities, and risk factors. Indeed women in Jordan, particularly women in marginalised communities and with disabilities, face disproportionate economic, social and cultural challenges and exposure to climate-related social tensions. Mitigation and adaptation responses need to take these different needs, risk factors and priorities into account”.

The workshop aimed to foster networking and collaboration spaces between different stakeholders national and international organisations working on the mentioned nexus. The discussion aimed to validate the findings and enhance learning and influencing for advancing suitable resilience options and peacebuilding activities for local communities to overcome and adapt with climate change challenges.


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