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22 Sep

Human Security Workshop Success

The WANA Institute, working with a team of local and international partners, held a successful event titled ‘Human Security in Fragile and Conflict Affected Settings’ this September. The event, attended by local NGOs, international organisations and government and regional representatives, looked at how human security is a useful lens for examining transnational threats, such as those posed by violent extremism, and explored the challenges and opportunities actors are facing in undertaking their human security work on the ground in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Tunisia.

The attendees listened to a panel of speakers, including Ms Sophie Lesselin from UN Women, Ms Maha Kattaa from the International Labour Organisation, Dr Mohammed Husseini, Director of the Identity Centre, and Mr Ibrahim Obadah from the Ministry of Water and Irrigation. Mr Hasan Abu Hanieh gave a well-received keynote presentation.

The event also marks the kick off for a research project that the WANA Institute is undertaking, in partnership with the Hague Institute for Global Justice, Mercy Corps and the Arab Institute for Security Studies. The project is funded by NWO, The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research.

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