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30 Nov

WANA Launches an Alumni Club for a Network of Researchers

Tuesday 30 November 2021 -The West Asia-North Africa Institute (WANA), in partnership with IM Swedish Development Partner, launched the Institute's Research Alumni Club for a network of researchers on issues of marginalised women and persons with disabilities.

Upon completing the Research Training Programme that aims to shed light on the issues of vulnerable groups in the Jordanian society by writing policy papers on social and economic inclusion, the trainees join the Research Alumni Club.  Every year, according to pre-determined criteria, 20 young men and women from different governorates are selected to join the programme. The WANA Institute and IM believe in the active role of youth towards the issues of marginalised women and persons with disabilities, thus the launch of the Research Alumni Club.  Currently, the club includes a group of 60 young researchers, advocates and defenders of the rights of women and persons with disabilities. These researchers act as ambassadors in their local communities to spread awareness and legal knowledge of the rights of marginalised women and persons with disabilities; to contribute to achieving social justice and to preserving human dignity.

The project coordinator and researcher Hayat Al-Shoubaki at the WANA Institute, said, "The Alumni Club aims to strengthen communication frameworks and exchange experiences and research opportunities between young researchers, and to identify ways to develop and transform their research work from the theory to actual application in their local communities."

Shereen Shaheen, Director of Programmes at the WANA Institute, added, "Through launching the programme's alumni club, the Institute aspires to establish a network of young Jordanian researchers who are aware of their economic and social rights, and are able to write policy papers and formulate public policies that contribute effectively to strengthening the means of dialogue with decision-makers on the rights of women and people with disabilities”.

Ghaith Al Shugairi, Programme Manager at IM, added, "IM Swedish Development partner, seeks, through its partnerships with civil society institutions in Jordan, to strategically create opportunities for sustainability and continuity. Having an alumni club that brings together all rights holders and beneficiaries of the programme will provide the appropriate incubator for exchanging experiences among them and obtaining joint opportunities for joint learning and skills development.   We hope that the research alumni club will be able to create job opportunities, economic and social integration, and achieve a participatory approach with stakeholders.”

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